iCARE is an intervention consultancy service offering a one-to-one Educational and learning portal for 'thinking outside the box' to assist Educators, families, carers and children in challenging situations. 

The iCARE approach works to overcome existing barriers to offer solutions for inclusive learning irrespective of

a child's culture or ability. iCARE is sensitive to particular cultural beliefs and values and respects individual backgrounds, with a particular focus working with CALD and indigenous families. iCARE service provides professional reports based on factual analysis, including assessments, recommendations and behavioural management plans. Intervention strategies are designed based upon Tammy's extensive experience in managing behaviours of children most at risk. iCARE Founder, Director and Managing interventionist, Tammy Davis holds a Bachelor of Teaching Degree {BACHT} and a Diploma of Business Degree (DipB) with a major in Psychology. Tammy's passion for special Education, human behaviour and the mind lead her work into many different fields, with a strong focus on assisting children with profound disabilities, introducing Educational Recovery models.

iCARE is there for individuals who feel that until now they have been waiting for 'someone to help', 'someone to care', 'and someone to understand'. In 2018 ICARE joined forces with Gippsland Lakes Community Health (GLCH Victoria) acting in a School focused Youth Service capacity offering mentoring project development throughout Outer Gippsland, supporting young people at risk of disengagement from education, family and communities attending Primary Schools and Secondary Colleges.


iCARE focuses on re-engaging young people who are at high risk of disengagement from Education, learning, families and their communities. Our organization supports young people who are vulnerable and acts as a supplement to existing intervention services or can be the missing link for families and Educators who have been 'on a waiting list' for supports. ICARE assists as a 'first point of contact and intervention agency' or when therapy and care supports are already in place.

Our approaches stand alone or may compliment other services when families are seeking additional support to assist their child's learning and development. iCARE provides practical solutions, educational strategies, therapies and intervention support for you and your child whilst working collaboratively within your child's natural environment. ICARE will provide support in a variety of settings which include; Child Care Services, Occasional Care, Maternal and Child Health Services, Play groups, Kindergartens, Schools, or child-friendly environments such as playgrounds. ICARE will 'walk beside' your child to create new pathways in their learning and  development.

iCARE provides you with a warm, nurturing, sensitive and understanding approach and works together with

you and your child holistically to foster and inspire changes in all areas of your child's life. iCARE provides a

holistic service utilising both evidence and strength based practices.


iCARE practices are based upon practical and workable programs to enhance each child's learning potential, to assist families and Educators, promoting the best possible inclusive opportunities within a child's learning environment. iCARE programs integrate and explore alternative therapies and treatment plans with families when requested, such as Biomedical practices and will work with families, dieticians and nutritionists to ensure its successful implementation. Tammy will work extensively with children and adolescents particularly where mental health issues are present or developing and when a sensitive intervention approach is paramount working with families and their children. Tammy will develop and implement physical education goals for children requiring greater movement where unexpended energy may be triggering behaviours of concern. iCARE has a strong focus on providing a holistic approach to treatment strategies and Education, which in turn promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in children and young adults.


In 2015 Tammy undertook further studies in Psychology, Sociology (Social Science) and Indigenous studies. Tammy has extensive experience in mental and physical well-being and health, behavioural and anxiety management, Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated disabilities, Education and Business sectors. After completing a Bachelor of Teaching and Education Degree, a Diploma of Business Degree and Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Tammy leads a very busy, however fulfilling lifestyle. Tammy is a full time qualified Personal Trainer, Fitness and well-being coach, PE Teacher, Lifestyle consultant, Specialist Educator, Behavioural Management therapist, Interventionist and Business Advisor. These additional vocational fields open up extensive opportunities for clients working with ICARE services.  Tammy will personally engage with clients assisting them to enter into fitness industry practices whilst developing unique individualised programs to cater for people of all ages, specifically Educational behavioural programs for children and adolescents at risk of disengagement from their community. 




Tammy has a broad range of experience in Education delivering a range of services with particular focuses on intervention support, behavioural management, dealing with your child's diagnosis and moving forward in a positive light. Tammy has worked with a vast range of clients and students, children and young adults in clinical based, school and in-home settings, primarily within disability sectors and Special Education. She has worked as a case manager overseeing early childhood intervention programs whilst implementing individual plans and family support plans to foster each child's learning and development and to help make positive changes in the lives of families and carers. Tammy has a strong focus on delivering services to persons with developmental delays, profound disabilities including neurological disorders, particularly working with individuals on the autism spectrum.

Tammy provides assessments, observations and recommendations for specific strategies to work towards developmental, educational and behavioural management goals and will establish individualised programs aimed at the identified goals providing educational and intervention therapy, then working directly with the child in the child’s natural learning environment. iCARE provides consultation to assist with decision-making for the effective management and education of both pre-school and school age children, with a planned approach to liaise with teachers, families and carers as required. Where needed, Tammy will refer to, and liaise with, other services and professionals to help create the best learning environment for each child and their family.

Tammy provides a wealth of understanding of the learning characteristics associated with individuals affected by developmental delays and disabilities, particularly children living with Autism. Tammy works in a calm, caring, and patient manner, providing a unique holistic environment where children gain new found self respect for themselves and can build trust based on kindness and understanding.

Tammy has a current National Police History check, Working with Children's Check and full Victorian registration relative to her professional discipline.


iCARE Founding Director | Tammy Davis

Diploma of Business (DipB)

Bachelor of Teaching [BACHT]

Cert III & IV in Fitness | Personal Training


The iCARE model is based upon Tammy's desire to help every child succeed, develop their true potential and self worth. The model provides an understanding of children's individual learning styles and needs with a particular focus on children and adolescents who have a disability or developmental delay.

Tammy provides the necessary skills and knowledge to the planning, development and implementation of programs and service coordination for children with special learning needs, developmental delay or disability.

The ICARE approach effectively applies the principles and practices working with Educators to ensure learning frameworks (EYLDF and AusVELS) are consistent with ICARE'S interventions to strengthen, nurture and teach children, promoting inclusive opportunities within care based and school settings. The teaching model offers a broad range of programs across a spectrum of learning environments including, family day care settings, pre-school and schools, developing individualised programs to cater for student diversity and capabilities.

Tammy can assist in determining students most at risk who are requiring assistance to develop skills necessary for effective and efficient classroom and pre-school participation. The ICARE model assists in

identifying students who require curriculum modification and additional support.


Tammy has extensive experience with diverse professional training in many areas relating to education, disability and intervention management. She has been involved in Children Advocacy groups assisting to strengthen community networks, family supports and knowledge regarding disability, including promoting recovery strategies for families and their children.  Her past roles have including advocacy work in addition to numerous professional roles throughout the State of Victoria and interstate teachings. These roles have included however have not been limited to; Specialist Intervention and Educational Advisory, specialist consultancy regarding ASD and behavioural management, Case management, Family service coordinating, consultation and individualised programming on behalf of families and their children with profound disabilities and developmental delays, particularly those families in rural remote locations. Tammy has implemented the Victorian Reading Assistance Tutoring and Numeracy Programs within schools in addition to Reading Recovery Programs. Roles identifying those students most at risk of reading and literacy difficulties, developing individualised programs to foster success and improve literacy skills in those identified students. Special Education recovery programs; including secondary tutoring in sciences, developing specialised programs to support children with special learning needs, in addition to developing programs for gifted and talented students. Special Education programs designed for co-educational student cohort ages 4-18 years with disabilities in Special Education Schools, Physical Education teaching in both Primary and Special Education schools, Specialist teaching roles including; Social Welfare Officer, Wellbeing Officer, Healthy Relationships Programmer within mainstream schools and Special Educational settings. Tammy has held positions interstate as a Specialist Arts Media/Visual Arts Teacher focusing on appreciation for cultural diversity, including Director of Private boys Grammar School Sydney, Out-of-Hours Care Programmer responsible for male student cohort placement programs.

At iCARE Tammy will liaise with parents, teachers and requisite professionals with respect to students and children experiencing learning difficulties and children who require specialist disability support. iCARE practices involve liaising with professional services, Educators and families to develop and deliver services to the particular cultures, values and beliefs of children and their families from diverse backgrounds. iCARE works simultaneously and collaboratively with families and Community Health Services in addition to Educational settings to facilitate a nurturing environment based on trust and open communication, providing advocacy and consultancy.

The iCARE model has the flexibility and adaptation around Family Day Care Services, Maternal and Child Health Services, classroom and pre-school scheduling to accommodate and meet the needs of Educators, families, carers and children.

iCARE encompasses best teaching practices, principles and experiences of classroom Education and intervention,  operating as a child-family centred based practice with holistic approaches to learning and development. It represents a unique framework in supporting and facilitating inclusive opportunities for children in Regional Victoria.








iCARE Mission

iCARE interventions include supporting children and adolescents with their social development, learning and interaction, communication development, repetitive behaviour and/or restricted interests and behavioural development.

Initial observation will take place and when required an interview with Educators and families gathering relevant background and history of the child to obtain a better understanding of the concerns.iCARE reviews the information and provides a treatment plan. This includes identifying all areas of development and focuses on; social and interaction skills, play and communication and behavioural management. iCARE liaises with all medical professionals as need be, including Paediatricians, treating doctors and specialists, Behaviourists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Occupational therapists.


iCARE is a Behavioural Intervention Consultancy Service in addition to developmental and learning intervention. It provides developmental, social learning, behavioural and therapy based strategies, Education and skill development according to identified needs. Individual intervention may include a number of visits with your child after an initial assessment if required, an initial observation within the child's natural learning environment and continuing to support each child's needs in areas such as; sensory, motor, play, behaviour, social, communication and self help skills.


iCARE liaises with the child's support network in an inclusive, professional manner; whether the child lives at home with a single or two parent family, lives in out of home or foster care, or when Child Protection or Youth Justice services are involved with young people in the criminal justice system.

iCARE will engage with your child, talk with your child, listen to and interpret all forms of communication with your child. The importance of each child's mental health is paramount at iCARE. Children and adolescents who are at risk of developing mental health concerns will be guided through positive planning and perspectives to foster brighter and better futures for themselves.


iCARE Programs

ICARE can create individual interventions to cater for unique learning styles, including "creating and using visual supports", Social Stories, schedules, routine charts and anger management strategies to assist and enhance learning experiences. ICARE works to promote inclusive Educational and learning experiences for all children.


ICARE encourages and supports various teaching practices working with children on the autism spectrum. One such teaching strategy includes; Adapted Responsive Teaching (ART) Founded through research carried out at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). When implemented into a child's natural environment significant gains can be seen in their sensory responsiveness, communication and socialisation.


ICARE teachings and approaches are consistent with the structured approach via the TEACCH method developed by Professor Eric Schopler in 1966. ICARE integrates elements of the TEACCH approach including strong understanding of the principles of "Structured TEACCHing".

The TEACCH method was part of the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine University of North Carolina USA and began as a Child Research Project to provide services to children with autism and their families.

The TEACCH method is not an actual therapy, it is however a therapeutic tool to help autistic individuals understand their surroundings and make sense of their learning environment. ICARE utilises the principles behind this teaching approach and supports it's practices with children on the spectrum.

Autistic individuals often have difficulty with receptive and expressive language, sequential memory, and handling changes in their environment. The TEACCH method provides structure and organisation to the lives of those affected by ASD and relies upon five basic principles to achieve positive outcomes in learning and development.


ICARE offers strategies consistent with what is named the SPELL framework Structure, Positive (approaches and expectations), Empathy, Low arousal, Links.

NAS schools (The National Autistic Society-The leading UK charity for people with Autism) and services for adults have developed a framework for understanding and responding to the needs of children and adults on the autism spectrum. The framework can assist to identify underlying issues and can reduce the implications of autism by providing a platform for communication.

The SPELL framework recognises the individual and unique needs of each child and adult and emphasises that planning and intervention be organised in relation to this consistency. ICARE supports the belief that by building on the strengths of each individual, progress can be made in personal growth and development,  fostering possibilities and the opportunity for individual achievements.


      iCARE Holistic Approach

iCARE provides a child-and-family-centred approach based on a partnership between parents and professionals within an Early Childhood, School Setting or alternative place to suit families, such as a playground where a child may feel more at ease.
The overall aim of the service is to provide parents, carers and families with the knowledge, skills and support to meet the changing needs of their child and to optimise the child's development and ability. ICARE works in harmony with Educators to implement intervention strategies to strengthen a child's learning and development and to optimise this potential.  ICARE places a particular focus on working with CALD and indigenous families living in rural locations where acquiring service provision is often difficult.

The Service provides a range of therapies both Educational and behavioural for families with children who have a disability or developmental delay, prior to school entry in addition to working with Educators in schools, providing additional support, skills and knowledge.
The range of services includes:
* Information and advice that addresses the individual needs of the child, family and Educators working with that child.
* Supporting families and Educators to help the child's development.
* Linking families to services and providing access and coordination.
* Education and developmental programs.
* Additional support to improve access and participation in kindergarten and child care services.
* Assisting with the move to school.
* Parent, Carer, Educational and Day Care support.



Founding Director- Tammy Davis

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" Every child deserves the right to Education and learning. As Educators and Parents, we have an obligation to provide children with a safe environment to be themselves, to express their individuality and to provide the skills necessary to develop resilience, confidence and self-esteem..." iCARE Founding Director- Tammy Davis





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