Contact  Office hours 7am-7pm AEST Monday-Saturday. Please leave your contact details and your enquiry will be attended to at the first available opportunity.
CALL iCARE Consulting on +61 4 00 740 629
Ask about the iCARE fee schedule and discount rates for those eligible.
You can also use a fee for service option, which allows you to pay directly for the services you use with ICARE. This can be used to access services in addition to the ones you receive through funding.
iCARE offers over the phone 'Angel Calling' mental health support services for individuals experiencing distress, anxiety and mental health concerns. 
Please contact Tammy directly on 0400 740 629 for an initial free, confidential chat to help you get through difficult times and refer you to specialist supports.

ICARE will come to you. Please leave details of the consultancy, educational or intervention support you require. Include the suburb where you live, your name, contact number and email address so we may get back to you.



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Call Tammy:

+ 61 4 00 740 629

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