iCARE Consulting Services

iCARE provides an intervention consultancy service within the Shires of Wellington and East Gippsland. It offers a holistic approach to learning and Education and works to identify each child's strengths to provide a supportive framework for Educators and families. ICARE utilises Educational and therapy based resources including learning strategies tailored to suit each individual child and their associated needs. Our service advocates on behalf of children and adolescents from birth to 19 years and seeks to provide Educational services and developmental intervention advice within Family Day Care and Educational settings, such as Kindergartens, Private, Catholic, Government Schools and Special Education Schools. ICARE focuses on identifying children who present with developmental delays, disabilities, learning difficulties, children at risk and children with behavioural, social and emotional needs. Each child's needs are addressed through a range of workable interventions in collaboration with Educators, families and the wider community. It focuses on partnerships within each child's learning environment (Educators, families, carers, friendships) and seeks to strengthen these existing connections.


       Holistic Approach
  • Anger management

  • Behavioural management

  • Coping & Adjustments

  • Play-based therapy

  • Provides emotional, social and behavioural support strategies

  • Identifies safety issues relating to childrens behaviour and the affects on learning

  • Assists students at a transition stage of schooling or at an important stage of development




​     Educational Services
  • Assessment & Evaluation

  • AD/HD

  • Learning Difficulties

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • School Visits

  • Learning problems (including sensory related issues, fine and gross motor delays and developmental delays)

      Service Coordination
  • Provides a range of services including program and service planning

  • Identification of individual learning styles and needs

  • Works in partnership with families, Educators and external networks

  • Provides alternatives for families to consider such as, Biomedical interventions. These address underlying conditions such as nutritional deficiencies or imbalances which can often exacerbate problems faced by children with autism

      Learning Difficulties
  • Provides teachers and families the skills and support to promote and maximise each individual child's development

  • Gross and Fine Motor Delays

  • Developmental Delays

  • Foster positive inclusion within care based and Educational settings

  • Attention & Concentration Problems

  • Learning Problems

​        School Observation
  • Direct observation in school setting​

  • Collaborate with Educators on tasks​

  • Develop techniques to communicate​

  • Assist with program modification​

  • Provide resources for school staff​

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle changes with  children and their families, including physical movement programs which encourage the release of unexpended energy in children with ASD or ADHD

   Early Childhood Observation

  • Direct observation in Early Childhood setting

  • Collaborate with Educators on tasks

  • Develop techniques to communicate

  • Assist with program modifications

  • Provide resources for Early Childhood staff